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NOTE: We are operating normally, but are not open to drop-in visits. All visits, consultations and fittings are by appointment only. Just give us a call to arrange your individual appointment.


Viton stocks over 500 pieces of hair, including synthetic, human hair, heat friendly hair, as well as partial hair and toupees.  Viton has a custom wig service for both men and women.  We have a part-time staff member who does follow-up service for venting and repairing hair systems, an important feature when purchasing a hair system.

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Human Hair Systems are designed for the woman who is on the move, promising the glamerous lift and look that she deserves. Companies that construct the human hair systems that Viton sells are of a high quality, assuring the ultimate in rich color, unique texture and lots of body. The pre-constructed caps are unique, offering a near custom fit and appearance.

Blow dry, flat iron, wear straight or heat roll for those luscious, curly styles that really turn heads. Whether it’s the boardroom, a weekend getaway, dining and dancing, or the supermarket, human hair looks gorgeous wherever it goes.

Wearing hair has become a tradition, women want to look their best all the time, and a hair system, full head or partial can achive fantastic results.

There are several factors that determine the cost of a human hair wig:

1) The length and density of the hair.  2) The construction of the cap, whether the assembly is by machine or by hand. 3) Hand knotted and French lace fronts cost a little more but allow you more versatility when styling the wig.

Remember, human hair wears longer than synthetic hair, it looks beautiful and natural. The product is so realistically designed that it mimics nature at it’s best.

Viton Hair Studios has a qualified stylist. This is an important part of a human hair purchase, as a good cutter with an eye for style will greatly enhance the appearance of the wig.

Viton is open 6 days of the week, appointments are appreciated.

Wigs for Women

We believe it is essential  for a woman to have the ability to express herself through style and color, whether she seeks alternative hair for fashion or for need of hair.

Our wigs are crafted by world class artisans paying close attention to detail, striving to give customers the best value, and thus guaranteeing highest customer satisfaction.

h flair and fashion, featuring the finest quality mono-filament or hand-constructed features, vibrant colors, that can be shadowed, highlighted or rooted, all looking fabulous, giving women many choices.

If you are interested in human hair, Viton has the most innovative, hand crafted, lace front wigs on the market, with the highest grade human hair available.  The caps of these wigs conform to the shape of your head, giving you a fit so secure, you’ll feel like it was made just for you. Elite-quality human hair is the key to crafting your own style.  Human hair can be styled with heat to create any look, day after day.  Human hair also gives you the freedom of coloring or highlighting your wig, achieving a unique look. VITON HAS A LARGE SELECTION, BOOK FOR A  CONSULTATION.

Our synthetic wigs are super stylish and unbelievably natural looking.  You will love the realistic shape, comfortable feel and unlimited styling options.  If you choose a hand tied cap for the most comfort, know that each individual hair is hand placed, creating the illusion that the hair is growing from your own head.  The mono-filament hand tied caps feel smooth and soft, you’ll never have to worry about scratching or irritation.

The technology used in the open cap construction or machine made synthetic hair, leads to the lightest, most comfortable wigs on the market.  The construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool.  The design also reduces the cap weight for a more secure fit. These wigs can weigh as little as 1.65 ounces, eliminating the pressure and friction you might feel from heavier traditional wigs.

Heat Defiant Wigs

Viton is a supplier of Heat Defiant Wigs from three companies.

The Envy Hair company has a product that is 70% heat friendly combined with 30% human hair, feels and moves like real hair. The hair is hand tied into the softest, lightest, head-hugging cap material for a cool, comfortable fit on even the most sensitive of scalps. The cost of this product is considerably less than a completely human hair system.

The Jon Reneau company has a “Heat Defiant” fibre with it’s ultra fine denier and true-to-life feel is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic hair on the market. Because of the silky texture and resiliant structure of this technologically advanced fibre, H D wigs capture the natural sheen and glossy touch of healthy human hair.

The Raquel Welch company has a fibre “TR2LIFE”, which is a synthetic fibre that is heat friendly and gives you the ability to create a totally new style in a flash just by using a flat iron or curling iron.

The New Image company has a bio-identical heat resistant hair fibre called “Biolin”. The biggest feature Biolin is that it is light weight and very strong. A typical human hair system 10 – 12 inches in length would weigh over 180 grams, a Biolin product of the same length weighs only 80 grams. This product perfectly simulates real human hair. It is similar in density (thickness of hair) to human hair, and has pliability that perfectly simulates the characteristics of human hair.

Hand Tied Wigs seem to be the trend today. The finely woven and welded front lace conform well to the shape of the head, feeling very secure, no tape or adhesive necessary. This product light weight and cool to wear, the cap is soft and smooth.

Hand tied come in human hair or synthetic material. The hair placement is done individually creating the illusion of hair growing from an individual’s hairline.

Partial Wigs and Add-ons are also making a big comeback, instantly transforming one’s look by adding volume and body to fine thin hair. Hair additions come in synthetic or human hair, available in invisible monofilament or french lace bases, or pullthrough integration base, or the traditional wafted base.

Removable hair additions can be fastened with a headband, comb or pressure sensitive clips, either method is gentle on your hair. These pieces come in many multitoned colours, blending well with the client’s own hair, properly fit and trimmed are totally undetectable.

Many new innovations are available, a consultation in this regard is a must, It will change you appearance and confidence in yourself.

We at Viton, look forward to serving you in our private show room.  We specialize in finding the perfect fit and style for you.

Our prices are established to meet every budget so call us for a  consultation and viewing.

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We carry a full line of hats and scarves from “Hats for You”. These are especially designed for people experiencing hair loss. There are bangs and hair rings available to go under the head-wear to achieve the look of a full head of hair. These come in a variety of colors and lengths.

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Men’s Wigs and Toupees

Restore more than just your hair, renew your natural appearance, increase your confidence and invigorate your pride.

Our philosophy: we care about the effect hair has on you, and we believe your needs are our first priority. We will ensure your privacy and that you are 100% satisfied with our service and results before you leave.

Custom – Made to Measure Orders

We offer 100% natural human hair products for men, women and children, that are hand crafted and skillfully matched to your hair type, color and density.

Endura or Biolin –  a synthetic fabric is also available for custom orders.

These products are resistant to high heat, do not fade, are 40% stronger than human hair, hold the style well, and are easy to maintain.

Front hairline re-creation is of the greatest importance. Using advanced hair technology and salon artistry, we will expertly restore a totally natural front hairline. We use just the right amount of fine hairs in different densities that blend subtly onto your forehead, creating a soft and unnoticeable transition from receding balding or thinning hair to a completely natural hairline. This method ensures that your hairline is aesthetically perfect.

Pre-constructed or Ready to Wear Products

These are available for immediate purchase Viton carries a large selection of styles and colors, both in synthetic and human hair.

The synthetic hair is manufactured by North America’s most reliable hair solution providers.

Our facility is comfortable and clean with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Our professional stylist is expertly trained in the latest hair restoration technologies.

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