Breast Prostheses and Prosthetic Bras

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Viton offers a wide range of post mastectomy products for women experiencing the loss of a breast. Our comfortable private showroom, certified fitter and expert advice will make finding the right product a pleasant experience.

Let us help you get your confidence back. Viton carries a large inventory of breast prosthesis, bra and swim forms, also post surgery garments. Our certified fitter will ensure you get a perfect fit to enhance your looks, comfort and freedom to live a normal life. Viton deals with the following Breast Prosthetic Suppliers:

Our Breast Prosthetics Suppliers

We deal with three main breast prosthetic companies which all provide a high quality product, featuring innovative design, construction and comfort to give women the natural appearance they are looking for. This intimate apparel offers a perfect solution for every occasion.

ABC – American Breast Association provide a Massage Prosthetic suitable for women that prefer an equal weight to match their other breast, when pressed against the chest wall, the special silicone gel on the back of the form gently massages the chest wall.

ABC has designed a seamless, strapless mastectomy bra available in beige or black.

A proper fitted breast form is extremely important. This company has a selection of form shapes and sizes. When selecting a breast form it must have the appropriate features that best fit a women’s specific needs – consider lifestyles, activity level and specific physical aspects to compliment the shape of the body. For instance, the “ASYMMETRIC” form curves under the arm leaving room for tissue for the most comfortable and non-irritating under arm. There is a series of shapes and weights to best serve your needs.

Trulife, a supplier of breast prosthetic products carries a line of very light weight products as well as beautiful prosthetic bras, a perfect combination of comfort and design.

Trulife has been in business since 1958 creating the most natural and beautiful breast forms, understanding the importance of restoring confidence and self esteem, consequently improving the quality of life for women following breast surgery. Trulife carries a line of partial breast prostheses if the reconstructive surgery dosen’t give you the results you wish for, or if your weight has fluctuated and the breasts don’t match. Trulife offers a complete line of soft partial silicone breast forms, providing the lightest and most natural symmetry. All partial breast forms feature edges to ensure a flawless smooth profile under your clothing.

Amoena are the provider of an excellent Contact Prostheses in different shapes and sizes, as well as a line of prosthetic bras, which provide women with a natural feeling of well being, enabling them to feel feminine again. Amoena’s video provides more information on their product. 

Amona’s attachable technology has expertly designed a breast form for staying power. The form adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body, staying in place with every movement. Wearing the breast form attached relieves pressure on the shoulders and provides a sense of lighter weight – especially helpful for women with lymphedema or a large bust. This form provides more freedom in clothing choices like those with lower necklines.


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Choosing the right breast form starts with a well fitted bra, this is extremely important and Viton has a certified fitter in the shop.

Viton has in stock a large collection of beautiful bras, giving women a feminine fashionable choice of classical, elegant, modern and sporty. All the bras are pocketed to hold the breast form securely in place, giving you peace of mind.

Shoulder straps are comfy, adjustable, reliable in supporting the breast form without putting any strain on your shoulders. Some styles have wider, padded straps for additional comfort.

The bra cups are cut to follow the shape of a breast form closely to ensure a perfect fit, elastic edges give extra security.

Some bras have a wider underband providing support and stability. Variable fastening is available, (2 to 8 hooks depending on the size of the bra) ensuring the right amount of support.

Prosthetic Swim Forms and Bathing Suits

Viton also sells a full line of prosthetic swim forms and bathing suits by special order, as well as a limited inventory in the shop. Feel free to come in and try on these top quality suits.